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The popularity and acceptance of massage therapy has grown significantly, due in part to massage professionals who have made a contribution in the lives of people they touch. Craig Lozzi, owner of Transcendent Touch massage, has been doing just that for the last 35+ years. His touch and his ways of making a difference in his community continue to grow and deepen.

Throughout his career, Lozzi has helped many, and the positive testimonials he has received are bountiful, including those from other professionals in the wellness focus. “Craig Lozzi is the best; he is a true healer,” confirmed Judi Way, popular local fitness guru. What distinguishes Craig’s massage from others? After years of practice he has refined the art of attending to the needs of each client in a way that often exceeds their expectations. Craig specializes in deep tissue and hot stone massage and pain and injury rehabilitation, but enjoys employing many techniques including relaxation, reflexology, polarity therapy, cranial therapy and aromatherapy.

Craig began his studies out of a personal commitment to holistic health in the 1970’s.  By 1982 he had completed a 3-year residential training in massage, nutrition, herbology, exercise, and counseling at the Polarity Health Institute in Washington State.  Over the next several years Craig worked at health retreats, resorts and with a variety of medical practitioners: Physicians, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Physical Therapists.  For 10 years he owned and operated a holistic day spa, while still working as a massage therapist.  In February of 2007 Craig opened Transcendent Touch massage to concentrate on his true love: helping others through massage.

Craig has innovated massage techniques for both relaxation and pain relief, including his original “Integrated Stone Massage.”   In addition to the practice of massage therapy, Craig has taught massage courses, written articles on health and massage, lectured on holistic health and has been featured as a  guest speaker at International Spa Association’s Annual Conference. 

Craig is committed to personal growth and contribution.  For over 6 years he has done volunteer massage for Hospice in San Diego and Fallbrook.  Craig  has offered free massages for those affected by fires in Fallbrook, both in 2007 with the Rice  Canyon fire and after the Gavalin fire of 2002.  Craig has served the Fallbrook Chamber, specifically working with the County of San Diego, developing a comprehensive plan for repairing and improving sidewalks in Fallbrook.  In December of 2007 Craig and a team of volunteers raised over $12,500 to purchase Christmas toys for children in San Diego whose families have been affected by HIV and AIDS.

The benefits of massage are many, including pain relief, muscle relaxation and an overall sense of rejuvenation and well-being. Find out for yourself and book an appointment with a master of touch.

“Find out for yourself and book an appointment with a master of touch.”

Craig Lozzi, HHP


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Transcendent Touch Healing Massage
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Transcendent Touch Healing Massage   407 Potter Street, Suite D  Fallbrook, CA

Call: 760-533-3505 

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