“Craig Lozzi is the best.  I must remember to tell him that before the massage because after I am so relaxed I can’t ever move my jaws to talk.  He is a true healer.”

Judy Way, Fitness Specialist

“I can’t say enough about Craig. I’ve had massage all over the world and he is the best.”

Pam Boyle, Fallbrook

"I've had many massages in my time, but no one can compare to Craig's. Craig Lozzi is by far the best massage therapist I have ever known. His skill level is unmatched and his healing touch relaxes your central nervous system every session while soothing aching muscles, creating better circulatory flow and offering a transcendent experience. I cannot recommend Craig highly enough."

Kathryn Alice, Author of the Bestseller LOVE WILL FIND YOU

“Craig has given me the deepest, most relaxing massages that I have ever had!  He has an innate ability to intuitively know where I need him to go deeper or lighter to get my body to go into a state of complete relaxation and release.  I am floating for days after he's worked on me!”

Laura Wireman, CEO Innerspace Design, Oceanside

“I am committed to take care of my body: eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise daily and manage the stress that comes my way.  Receiving a well-deserved massage from Craig is part of what I do to stay healthy.”

Sandy Segien, Bonsall

"Craig adjusts his massage technique to suit your needs; my wife likes a gentle massage, and I prefer deep tissue massage, we both think Craig is the best"

Rod Turner, Fallbrook

"What I value in Craig's work is his ability to hone in on the areas that need the most attention in order to progress toward healing.  He is gifted in this ability."

Meg Long-Eastman, Fallbrook

“I was in a car accident and had tried several types of therapy for over a year.  It wasn’t until my therapy began with Craig Lozzi that I noticed any significant improvement.  Craig’s unparalleled experience and professionalism has truly given me hope and strength.

Edwin Farnworth III, Child/Sports Psychologist

 “I’ve had the good fortune to know Craig Lozzi, Massage Therapist for about 4 years.  In that time I’ve come to appreciate his commitment to the profession and his training and experience.  This experience, training and commitment are what I search for in a Massage Therapist.

Bill Bollinger, Physical Therapist, Fallbrook Hospital

“Craig’s use of hot stones truly takes massage to another level. I highly recommend this very special ‘transcendent touch’!”

Kitty Meek, Fallbrook

“With Craig’s talent and expertise you receive a healing touch.”

Janet Wortman, Director of Employment, Palomar Pomerado Health

“WOW!  Good new: Craig Lozzi with his magic fingers has re-opened for massage in Fallbrook.  A client for more than 15 years, I can truthfully attest to Craig’s expertise and ability to ease those gnawing pains, eliminate stressful sore spots and make one feel genuinely better.  If a massage is what you desire, I recommend you call Craig, where total satisfaction is guaranteed.’

Peggy Seay, Fallbrook

“After many years of receiving healthful therapeutic massages all over the world, I have never found anyone to be as caring, knowledgeable, and intuitive as Craig.  He is the best and Fallbrook should be grateful to have him here.”

Marianne Doty, Fallbrook

“Craig’s years of experience and training are evident when he first touches you, then he finds the places where the massage is most needed.  I am always happy I’ve had his massage.”

Michael, Temecula

“The hand and touch have historically been associated with power, praise and healing both literally and figuratively.  "The hand of God", a woman gives her "hand" in marriage joining her power with her husbands.  "The master’s touch" connotes perfection.  Our society has maligned and vilified touch with fearful sexual implications.  Free yourself! Receive the master’s touch!  Tap into the power both spiritual and physical of communion with this master massage therapist. The benefits will be manifold.” 

Charles Linn, D. C. 

”Before I came to Fallbrook, one of my Acupuncture teachers told me about an amazing massage therapist in his office in Los Angeles.   At that time I had not met Craig.  It wasn't until our paths crossed in Fallbrook over six years ago where he warmly welcomed me to town. His massages are as healing and caring as he is. Craig's hot rock massage is one that everyone should experience.”

Dawn C. Richard, Licensed Acupuncturist, Fallbrook

"Living here on the garden isle, I still haven't found the perfect massage therapist: it's been 3 years!! I have still yet to find someone who rejuvenates me as well as Craig Lozzi does. I wish I could fly Craig here every week to have a massage from him!!"

Maya Inada, Kauai

“Craig Lozzi is the best massage therapist I have ever been to, and I have been to quite a few.  He is experienced in all he advanced techniques and his deep tissue massage is very therapeutic.  His hot stone massage is out of this world.”

Dan Madrugal, United Airlines Pilot, Fallbrook

“For the past 20 years I have regularly participated in extreme sports including ultra-biking, ultra-marathons and Ironman events. During that time I have had regular massages from Craig Lozzi.   I attribute my good fortune of being injury free to his expertise and caring.  Craig’s massages help maintain my body in optimal health during my grueling training and racing.  Thanks Craig!!!”

Dr. Jim Yanoschik, Temecula, CA

“I've sent many people to Craig. All of them come back to me with 'Thank you for sending to me such a knowledgeable person.' I went to Craig for my back once, and he gave me a massage and some stretching exercise to do: my back has been great ever since...

Craig is one of the very few people that I have great confidence in. I would recommend him to anybody with pain or who just wants to get a great massage. Craig not only knows how to treat an injury, but how you may have injured yourself and how to keep from hurting yourself again. He's the best!!!”

Mark G. Littrell, Tennis Pro, Pala Mesa Resort 

“Is tennis elbow hurting your game?  When I first got the dreaded elbow I went out and bought one of those tennis elbow braces, I’m sure you have one.  When that didn’t work, I tried not playing for a month, which brought no relief and no fun. I then tried acupuncture, again with no success.  During a regular massage with Craig Lozzi, Craig asked if there was any area that I wanted him to pay special attention to and I mentioned my tennis elbow. He told me he had had great success with getting rid of the problem and then proceeded to spend 30 minutes on nothing else but my arm.  Afterwards the arm was sore, but to my astonishment and relief when I next picked up my racquet to play, there was no pain.  Ever since that one treatment over 2 years ago I have been able to play as much as 4 times a week without any pain in my arm.  I highly recommend letting Craig banish your tennis elbow.” 

Geoff Thomas, Fallbrook, CA

"Craig Lozzi is an extraordinarily gifted massage therapist--a man of strong hands, gentle spirit, and sensitive perception. He would be would be my number one choice for my patients or myself if he were still in L.A. 

Wish he wasn't so far away!" 

Carolyn Cohen, Acupuncturist, Los Angeles

“I have had many massages, including those at 5-star resorts: nothing compares to Craig’s massage.  His touch really is transcendent!”

Meredith Paige, Fallbrook

“Craig has experienced hands that relieve pain and relax muscle tension.”

Charles Lloyd, Realtor, Fallbrook

“Craig’s massage-touch is amazing.  It is not just the fabulous touch of a pair of strong, fine warn hands, giving peace and care.  There is quality of an extra energy.  I sense it.”

Rafael A. Rosado, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.  Family Medicine

“Since the early 1990s I have been fortunate to benefit from Craig's healing touch.  I suffer from arthritis and chronic tendonitis and I always feel less pain along with a high degree of relaxation after visiting Craig.  Though I have had experience with many massage therapists across the country and world, I keep coming back to Craig, as he is by far the absolute best massage therapist I have been to.  He is well informed about a lot of different healing practices and brings an eclectic background of training, knowledge, and experience to bear when he does massage therapy.  He is also very reliable and respectful.  I sing his praises to everyone I talk to about massage and I do so without any reservations.”

Dr. Michelle L. Barnes, Cambridge, MA

“If or when you are in moderate discomfort or extreme pain, as I was when I put my back out, Craig Lozzi is the best person you could possibly use.  In my case he quickly and effectively provided the pain relief I needed.

Craig has a generosity of spirit, a deep caring for his patients and an outstanding knowledge of his profession.  An added bonus is his treatment room that is a wonderfully peaceful and soothing place.  I can’t say enough positive things about Craig.”

Jim Edwards, Partner, LCA Inc. Vancouver Island, BC

“Craig has an innate sense to personalize my massage using smooth hot stones that help penetrate into every muscle group of my body. His treatment is a thorough, total body experience, and an energizing rejuvenation!”

Terri Libbrecht, Fallbrook

“Craig Lozzi is truly a gifted healer. He has a very profound intuitive understanding of the physical body during his massages.”

Randall Wegener, L.Ac.

“I highly recommend Craig for deep tissue work.  My neck and shoulders are always tied up and he is the only massage therapist I have found that can release the stress for a long period of time - days and even weeks.  He has "magic hands" - so glad he is using his talent here in Fallbrook!

Ardi Romisch

“Craig is a Master of his craft. In this hectic world we live in I have always suffered from headaches and found it difficult to relax. I was blessed to receive the 12 massages (for the price of 10!).  I have only had 2 of my massages so far: I am less tense and having no headaches! Craig is a super family man with the most beautiful family, yet he is always able to oblige me in scheduling. This is one luxury that has been therapeutic for me.”

Gaye Cramp, Bonsall

"Craig's hot stone massage improved movement in my neck, and ultimately improved my swim stroke. I recommend him to anyone, athlete or not!"

Brie Edwards, Fallbrook High Class of 2008

"After running hard during track season, my calf muscles were sore and knotted.  Craig gave me a GREAT massage that relieved all the tension and made my legs feel fresh and rejuvenated.  The atmosphere was very relaxing and I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

Kevin Strickfaden, Fallbrook High Class of 2008

“Craig is a really extraordinary person!” I don’t know anybody who is more in touch with the mind, body and soul than Craig.  His well-rounded approach to my entire well-being is remarkable.  He has a wealth of knowledge about how to create “balance” through massage, nutrition and other holistic approaches and is more than willing to share his expertise.  My position as Director of Operations for a growing company is very stressful and long hours are common.  I have noticed significant improvement in tightness especially in my back and neck after my massages with Craig!

I have had numerous experiences with massage therapy over the years but have never received a massage more incredible than the one Craig delivers. His extensive and in-depth training, research, and innovation in massage therapy allow Craig to deliver world class massage therapy. The “stone” therapy is a treatment that everyone should be fortunate enough to receive.  Craig’s innovative stone therapy techniques drench you in complete and immediate relaxation.  I had lost touch with Craig a few years ago and was quite thrilled to have stumbled onto his studio last fall and have been a regular customer ever since and would give the highest of recommendations to anyone looking for a world class massage.”

Linda Cook, Director of Operations, Western Construction Auctions, Inc.

“I have regular massages with Craig to repair overworked parts of my body, stimulate my immune system, and head off problems by keeping everything loose and flowing.  Craig is very experienced and caring, and he puts together various types of massage to meet my needs on a given day.”

Karen Hall, Professor Emerita, Northwestern University

"Not only does Craig have many years of experience, he also has a gift for massage. Craig is able to pinpoint the place in the body in need of healing, and with great accuracy release tension and pain. 

Transcendent Touch by Craig Lozzi............. is just that."

Rachel Bishop, Fallbrook

"After working with heavy equipment for 30 years, I needed to find a massage therapist who could understand my back problem and relieve it.  I found the help I needed with treatments by Craig Lozzi."

Pat Gaynor, Retired Fireman, Fallbrook

“Craig has the hands of heaven”

Karen Kazarian, Fallbrook

“Craig’s massage has done more for me than any massages I have ever received and I have been getting massage for over 30 years!”

Fran Maldonado, Fallbrook

“We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and highly trained healer in our community.  Craig has made a tremendous difference in my overall health and wellbeing as well as many friends and family members. In addition, Craig unselfishly dedicates himself as a Hospice Volunteer providing a healing, loving touch when it is most needed.   Today I had the opportunity to observe his skill and dedication as he treated my husband for an acute muscle spasm.  To say we were impressed is an understatement.”

Susan Bigley, Fallbrook

“I have gone to Craig with back pain and severe headaches and after an hour and a half massage left with NO pain. I love all the different techniques he incorporates into his healing work, especially the hot stone massage. I highly recommend Craig's healing work.”

Jane Higgins, Fallbrook

“I began seeing Craig for therapeutic massage several years ago.  And although I continue for the therapeutic benefits, I truly look forward to each massage for the sheer treat of it!  Craig seems to intuitively know just what my body needs and key right in to trouble spots.   But what I appreciate the most is his respectfulness and gentle, healing spirit.”

Mary Stevens, Fallbrook

“Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do.  You take the stone massage to a whole new level... It is the perfect fusion of fluid motion, aromatic oils and warm grounding earth stones.   Your hands offer the perfect healing touch to inspire optimum well being in the body.  Your intuitive massages bring the bliss of Divine Spirit onto the physical realm, bringing Heaven to Earth in my very own body!”

Ariel Fernandez, Owner, Blissville Aromatherapy, Fallbrook

“Craig is a jewel for the Village of Fallbrook.  The stress just melts away, between his hand and voice. He is a master at his craft.  Every single person could benefit from a visit to Craig. A trip to Craig is the perfect way to make anyone feel special.”

Anita Roalf, Fallbrook

“Craig, my neck is doing so much better, I just can’t believe it! It’s been months since I’ve felt this way. And two days NO tissue pain.  The rocks I think with your magic touch really help penetrate the tissue, and allow for better blood flow.”

DiAnna Reisinger, Owner, DRIS Insurance Services, Fallbrook

“What can I possibly say that hasn’t already been said about Craig and his wonderful hands! I move around quite a bit with an active duty Marine. I always have to find someone new to “break in” at every duty station. Well, not such the case when I had the pleasure of meeting Craig. He actually broke me in! In a very good way. The hot stone massage was a first for me and I am hooked.  Craig is a true master of his craft. He has a great passion for what he does. You can see it and FEEL it!  I tell everyone I know, “go see Craig, he’ll take care of you.” So much to do today and so much stress…Craig is the cure for what ails you! I always feel like a more relaxed version of “myself” every time I Craig works with me.”

Kelli Pollard, Stay at Home Mom and Wife of a Marine (talk about stress!), Fallbrook

“Craig's extensive skills and friendly personality made our session much more than just a much needed healing experience -- it became also an interactive voyage of discovery.  His gentle just-right assistance and positive attention to even the small details of my condition not only enabled me to feel much better in a sustainable way, it greatly expanded the possibilities of what I could achieve with a good massage."

Forrest Landry, Senior Software Systems Architect, Rancho Santa Fe

“Craig Lozzi's strong healing hands are an experience not to be missed.  He was careful to ask for my preferences and quickly established the trust that allowed me to let go into deep relaxation.  I found Craig's use of hot stones to be outstanding and have already recommended him to many friends.”

Tamara Ward, Homeopath, Rancho Santa Fe

“Craig’s intention, compassion, skill, and technique come together in a powerful, synergized, harmonious way that creates a timeless experience while on his table. I felt as if I had just finished a weekend retreat after an hour and a half on his table.”

Candace Kienitz, RscP, Reiki Master, San Diego

“Craig- Recovering from recent surgery, my body had become a bit stiff and knotted.  You found the kinks and released them and I left feeling so much lighter after experiencing your warm and nourishing massage. You are truly a master with your own special gifts of touch and pressure...and the warm stones were the icing on the cake!”

Jane Silk, Del Mar

“Craig Lozzi does a remarkable job in his field of work. He focuses on all stress points so you walk out of  his office feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and replenished. I would recommend him to anyone who feels they need a thorough, professional massage or any other treatment in his realm of specialties. What a great job he does!"

Ashlee Libbrecht, San Clemente

“Having lived with degenerative spinal pain for so long, Craig Lozzi's therapeutic massages have given me much relief.”

C.M. Greene

“Craig Lozzi tops my list of massage therapists!  I have had massages all over the world and he definitely is the best.  Fallbrook has a gem here that more people need to know about.  Craig was very intuitive as to the points where I was holding stress.  The stone massage was great!!  I'll be back again all the way from Houston.  Thanks Craig.”

Barbara Kalmen, Lt Col (Ret), USAF; RN, Lactation Consultant

“I have been searching for a consistent massage therapist for many years. My goal was to find a therapist who would help my knee and back problem. I have finally found that massage therapist. Craig Lozzi, to me, is master of his trade. Not only is he a great therapist, but he is an amazing person full of insight and wisdom.”

Kelsey Kahla, Student in Pittsburgh, PA

I went to Craig because my body was aching.  He found some troubling spots and helped me release the pain. He provided the pressure and I did the breathing. What a difference!  I haven't felt this good since the last time I saw him.  Why did I wait so long?

Cathy Rysewyk-Valenzuela, Fallbrook

“As a practicing psychotherapist I often recommend massage as a stress reliever for my clients. When I was experiencing some health concerns I began seeing Craig and I now see him on a regular basis for my own stress relief.  Craig exudes natural warmth, kindness and a concern which is rare in the health care field.  He focuses completely on each client and her/his own particular needs while providing an incredible healing massage experience.”

Cynthia Ward, LCSW, Fallbrook

“I have needed a massage for well over 5 years and, after searching, a friend recommended Craig, saying that he was “Amazing!!”. I would definitely have to agree. The massage was not only relaxing beyond belief, but he also knew just the right amount of pressure to work out all the knots that had compiled in my neck and upper back. After an hour I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I will most definitely become a regular client!!!”

Lauren Speakman, Fallbrook

I have been to many massage therapists over the years for therapeutic reasons and for relaxation. Craig Lozzi is by far the best on both fronts. My experience with Craig is that he is a professional; his presence is soothing and relaxing. He is very thorough and knowledgeable in holistic health. He listened to my concerns and desires and made some good suggestions about my own self-care. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone seeking massage for either relaxation or to address a health concern. He has raised the bar in my book!

Mary Hard, RScP

“Craig, you are a true master of ‘The Way.’  Thank you for the great massage.”

Professor Wayne Tourda, Aikido Master and Buddhist Monk

“It’s great to have a body, but less than great when it causes pain and stress.  I heard Craig was a phenomenal massage therapist.  I not only had a wonderful experience, but the very next day I walked around ‘body-less!’ He is incredible!”

Esther Krooth, Fallbrook

“Best massage ever!  Reflexology at its best with a warm professional atmosphere.  Thank you Craig…restoring life!”

Nancy Zublin, Fallbrook

“In addition to possessing great skill for the resolution of muscle tension in the body, Craig uses intense, focused techniques to address injuries.  Craig was able to resolve a long-standing issue in my arm, enabling me to resume my daily routine of caring for a multitude of animals.  His ability to locate and treat “trouble spots” is amazing!”

Lisa Ale, Fallbrook

“After my first massage with you, I bought 12 massages as a package. My expectation was that I would enjoy having an experience like the first one each month. So far my experience with you has been far beyond my expectations.
Each time you work on me, I sense the healing partnership between us improve. You are not like other massage therapists who go through their own practiced, choreographed routine every time. You are different because you are actually learning my body and my responses. You are so considerate about pressure, temperature and audio environment.
You are the only massage therapist who has called me the next day to ask how it was for me. I really appreciate the way you ask me what I want to work on this time. I feel that you really care about me. I am looking forward to your healing touch for years to come, as our monthly appointments have really improved my quality of life.”

Marguerite Lorenz, Private Trustee and Executor

“I have a history of migraines, neck pain and lower back pain.  Whenever an ailment decides to flare up I am so fortunate to have found Craig Lozzi. All of Craig's experience and expertise in therapeutic deep tissue massage has managed to relieve my pain and get me back to my active life style.  It is really difficult to sum up how magical and awesome he is!” 

Paula Madruga, San Diego

"Wow, a real therapeutic massage!   Craig is an artist at holding a hot spot until it's ready to release: that takes knowledge, patience and expertise and is a joy to experience."  

Kat Folger, Pilates Professional, Rehab & Pain Relieving Modalities

“Craig Lozzi’s restorative massage has been a godsend in my life. His healing touch and disarming manner leave me with a feeling of comfort and well-being.  I know I am in the hands of an expert.”

Joyce Rodgers, Fallbrook

“Craig Lozzi is by far one of the most intuitive healers I have ever worked with.   I had the opportunity to have one of his hot stone massages as a gift from my sister.  I only wish I lived on the West Coast to be able to have his massage on a regular basis.  He was able to tune in quickly and deeply to my stress/trauma areas and restore balance.  If you have the opportunity to work with him—DO!  He’s amazing.  I highly, highly recommend him.”

Elise Yanker, CEO, Collaborative Consulting, Arlington, VA.

“WOW  !!!!   AFTER 4-5 "OTHER IDEAS" FOR MY ARTHRITIS -RELATED SACROILLIAC  PAIN (golf and tennis, anyone?)  CRAIG was  the answer !  My hat is off to him - the best !”

Susan Coughlin, Fallbrook

“Craig was amazing. He came strongly recommended by a good friend and now I know why. He gave the most therapeutic and truly relaxing massage I have ever had. I actually had lower back pain that was greatly alleviated after treatment. Thank you Craig.”

Angie Oksnee, Oceanside

“Through Craig Lozzi's expertise and healing massages I have found relief from chronic muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders.   Thank you so much, Craig, for your healing touch!”

Kay Rozelle, Fallbrook

"Craig Lozzi is extraordinary.  He is equally proficient with feel-good massages and ones targeting specific aches and pains: most recently my backache after several airline flights and a lot of standing and sitting with poor posture. Some clients travel many miles for Craig, so I feel lucky that he is close here in Fallbrook."

Jim Hall, Fallbrook

“After an hour of massage, I walk out of your office on another plane and pain free.  You have true healing tough. It’s as though you were born to be a healer.  In gratitude.”

Margaret Kofron, Flight Attendant, Fallbrook

“Awesome experience: to feel my body in this way is such a pleasure.”

Bob Baxter, Fallbrook

Aloha from Maui! I just wanted to mahalo you for the good healing work you did on my back while I was in Fallbrook. My rib finally stayed in place after the first day and is still good a week and 3000 miles later.”

Streams Paramananda, Maui, Hawaii

“Your massages have helped me a great deal.”

Darwin Wendland, Fallbrook

“I have received massages all my adult life and no one is better than Craig Lozzi. I had the beginning of tennis elbow and a stiff shoulder and both are better, after just a few treatments.”

Caron Lieber, Fallbrook

“Time well spent on myself!”

L. Hunt, Fallbrook

“We just moved to Fallbrook and were looking for a new massage therapist.  We booked back to back appointments after seeing Craig’s ad in the Village News.   All we can say is “excellent!” We left feeling good: our muscles relaxed and our spirits soothed!  We plan to become steady customers.” 

Kathryn and Jerry Ferrell, Fallbrook

“After three years of chronic pain in my neck, shoulder and arm due to job related stress and finding no relief through physical therapy and prescription drugs, Craig Lozzi’s amazing transcendental healing talent and skill in releasing layers of muscle tension while stimulating circulatory flow has turned my life around. After my fourth session the pain and numbness was completely gone, and with ongoing maintenance has not returned. I can sleep straight through the night again without constantly waking up. The next challenge was my chronic knee pain resulting from cartilage removal and muscle strain trying to compensate. Releasing that tension has realigned my knee and I can walk again without the constant pain. Thanks Craig, truly amazing, I wish I found you sooner, but it’s never too late.”

Morgan Smith, Producer, Fallbrook

“An unbelievable healer of the body.”

Austin Way, Personal Trainer

“Your work is amazing. I've gotten therapeutic massages for years, but none that topped yours. The benefits of your work lasted several weeks. I only wish I lived closer to you and was able to see you more frequently.”

Priscilla Wallace CEO, The New Marketing Network, Inc. Chicago

“For me, -the manifold types of massage seem to coalesce in Craig's intuitive hands, creating a warm healing penetration.” 

Alicia Santacroce, Fallbrook

“I thoroughly enjoyed receiving a massage from Craig. His intuitive touch left me relaxed and feeling renewed.”             

Shaunna Cavanaugh, Fallbrook

“Craig has amazing knowledge and ability to reduce pain and tension through massage. His gentle educational manner effortlessly guides the client with methods to maintain their improved sense of wellness.”

Kay, Fallbrook

“Craig was highly recommended to me by many of my clients and now I know why!  Great relaxing but effective massage.”

Kim Leslie, Esthetician, Fallbrook

“I’ve had massages all over the world.  Craig gave me the best massage I have ever had!”

Linda Carter, Flight Attendant, Fallbrook

“Craig is amazing at what he does. I have never felt so relaxed before. He knows exactly where to release tension. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone.”

Lauren Tisdale, San Marcos

“Craig is an amazing therapist. His gift of healing is apparent after the very first massage."

Holly Schaefer, Fallbrook

“Craig is truly a healer.  Attentive, intelligent and discerning, he pampers and challenges you all at the same time. Five stars!”

Lori Miller, Ph.D., Writer/Editor, Fallbrook

“I had extreme pain in my lower back which interfered with sleep and movement. This persisted after visits with my doctor and physical therapist. A good friend recommended Craig Lozzi.  I felt a huge improvement after one treatment and complete relief after three. I highly recommend him to anyone in pain.” 

Leslie Budai, Oceanside

“HEALING HANDS: Craig is uniquely gifted—his ‘healing hands’ know how to relieve pain, release muscle tension and ultimately heal the parts of my body that I tend to abuse, beat-up all brought about through life’s stressful, ‘never enough time’ lifestyle.  When I honor myself and see him regularly my body and life just seem to operate at a higher level of performance and I seem to have an inner calm.  He is the best medicine that I can prescribe.”

Liz Jamieson-Dunne, Fallbrook

“Craig is a consummate professional. He possesses all the vital tools a bodyworker needs, including knowledge, precision and heart. When one rests on his massage table, he or she experiences a focused intuition and kind intent via his healing touch.”

Rob Weir, Massage Therapist, Fallbrook

“I've had many professional massages from great practitioners and Craig is by far the best. He draws upon many different healing modalities that he incorporates into massage: reflexology, meridian therapy, aromatherapy, to name a few. Very attentive and thoughtful, I immediately felt at ease in his company. Craig is very intuitive about what needs working on and how to address it. I can still feel the areas of my back, shoulders and feet where he worked and over a week later, they still feel good. The day after my hot stone massage, my skin looked exponentially better; I was surprised that after only one treatment I saw such a noticeable difference. I only wish I could persuade him to move to the east coast!”

Carol Strawson, Northern New Jersey

"Craig's work is a combination of his therapeutic body knowledge as well as his ethereal spirituality. I am in awe as Craig always finds what needs to be healed. I float away from our sessions feeling lighter, peaceful, and angelic. Thank you, Craig!"

Edie Blue, M.S., C.L.A.C., Boston. MA

“Craig's massages go beyond relaxation. He has an intuitive sense of exactly what is needed for body, mind, and spirit. I feel lighter and have greater clarity after my sessions with him.”

Lisa Caroselli, Certified Love Attraction™ Coach, Basking Ridge, NJ

“Every minute spent with Craig Lozzi is a continual reminder that one can never forget the all-healing power of human touch. We need to care of ourselves in every way, and with Craig’s guidance, our own journeys are a more healthy experience.  We cannot take such a gift for granted…”

Kelly McKelvey, Floral Designer, Fallbrook

“Stress related neck pain now gone thanks to Craig.”

Mike Boman, CPA, Fallbrook

“Craig's knowledge of his field and his professionalism are quite impressive.  This knowledge resulted in the best massage I have ever had.  I made an appointment with Craig after suffering from shoulder and neck pain for weeks.  The day after my appointment I awakened pain free.  It was wonderful!”

Cathy Woltman, Human Resources Consultant, Fallbrook

"From working at the computer for far too long then driving for hours on end, Craig Lozzi and his knowledge of the human body and his 1 1/2 hour injury massage fixed me.  This is after going to 2 chiropractors 3 different times.  When your work requires you to do anything repetitive, you WILL hurt.  Craig WILL take your pain away and straighten you out!"  

M. Avila, Fallbrook

“In the past few months, I have been getting massages that have enhanced my mental and physical well-being. Craig’s healing tough has made me more aware of taking better care of myself. After each session, my body and mind are at peace, through healing, gentle touch and lasting relief.”

Paula Durnford, Account Manager, Utah Pacific Construction Co, Murrieta

“Every session is not just a massage but a tranquil journey away from the daily stresses of life. Never have I experienced the peace and well being I feel after every visit. Craig is a true master in the art of healing massage.”

Robert Durnford, Manager, Parker Hannifin, Corp, Irvine

“If you want a massage go to a massage therapist, if you want a healing massage see Craig.  Massage is a gift for people that can heal: it's not learned.  After one treatment for a painful foot I was well again.  Therapeutically I go once a month and I am pain, stress and toxic free.  Someone like Craig is hard to find.”

Lorna Folk, Fallbrook

“Craig Lozzi is an amazing, intuitive massage therapist.  He is the "crème de la crème" in this healing field.  If I had Oprah's income, I would have Craig on my payroll.  His massage combines techniques that go above and beyond the typical Swedish style.  I come away from his treatment feeling relaxed and energized; refreshed and peaceful.  Speaking as a Chiropractic Doctor and massage therapist, Craig is in the top 10 on my list of natural health care providers and my #1 choice for massage therapy. ”

Dr. Dianne McClintock, Fallbrook

Craig is compassionate, intuitive, an incredible healer and provides the best bodywork experience I could ever ask for! No other therapy compares now.  Going to Transcendent Touch was the best decision I made for myself for quite a while."

Emma Grace Fairchild, Fallbrook

“Craig is a true healer. I live and act in New York City. Six months after college graduation, I was carrying so much day to day stress in my body. I had worsening anxiety and was having panic attacks with greater frequency. Craig located every physical and emotional pain, and I was able to release a year of anxiety in one incredible hour. I am now more mindful of holding onto emotional experiences, and more able to let go. It's been almost one year since I've had a panic attack, and Craig's healing hands and words have played a tremendous part in that.”

Kate Eastman, New York City

“The best word I can use to describe how I felt after my massage is 'liquid'.  My muscles worked in total harmony with every move, my body flowed from movement to movement.  It is an incredible sensation.” 

Pam Dubin, Fallbrook

“I have been a client of Craig Lozzi for over 2 years. His joyful personality and subtle humor have enhanced my therapeutic massage. He has an uncanny way of finding trouble spots and making them whole. His caring and concern over his client’s individual needs make your experience both a natural relief for your aches and pains as well as a welcoming, healing place for your soul. We are lucky to have such a true healer in our community.”

Debbie Schubarth, Fallbrook

“Craig has been very helpful in relieving pain and improving movement in my musculoskeletal system, especially in my shoulders and hips. His technique, using smooth hot rocks and applying pressure to sensitive areas has been very effective and lasting.”

Mary Shuck, Fallbrook

Author of Squared Away: Rejuvenate Your Body, Strength and Flexibility

"I always look forward to a massage from Transcendent Touch with Craig Lozzi.  He intuitively knows the areas that need the most work, the use of the hot stones is divine and the atmosphere is beautiful, calm and welcoming.  I would recommend a visit to anyone who wants a new outlook on life!" 

Judy Eagan, Fallbrook

Craig Lozzi integrates his decades of experience and expertise to provide his clients with the ultimate massage experience. After a massage with Craig, all of the stress and tension in my body melts away and I feel like a million bucks. Craig is not just a massage therapist; he is a true healer."

Samantha Sears, Los Angeles

"Craig creates the ultimate blend of physical revitalization and mental restoration.... he possesses a truly unique healing touch" 

Marlene Christiansen, Fallbrook 

“I am convinced that each of us, especially as we get older, can benefit from deep tissue and rehabilitation massage.  My friend, Craig Lozzi, is a master practitioner of these healing arts.  I have been seeing Craig for about 6 months on an almost weekly basis for assorted ‘old jock’ injuries. My visits to his office are highlights of my week.  Craig has years of training and experience working his massage magic on the human body. And he’s fun and insightful. I highly recommend his services.”

Steve Cowan, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Craig, thank you so much. You are so important to my health and well-being!”

Nancy, Fallbrook

“Today, I am free of aggravating neck and shoulder pain, doctor appointments and steroid injections, all because Craig Lozzi is a ‘master of massage and healing.’   His knowledge, expertise and ability to listen to me and my body have made an enormous difference in my quality of life.  It sounds like magic, but it is real life healing that I get from the massages with Craig.  I am so very grateful to have found such a healthy solution for my pain.”

Becky Varney, Fallbrook

“My back was getting worse and I was driving to Colorado the next morning.  After a one-hour massage by Craig, the tension and pain vanished and did not return.”

Harry Carpenter, Fallbrook

I have not had a massage to date that can compare to Craig's hot rock massage! I would come from Los Angeles once a week for this massage if I could. Fallbrook is lucky to have Craig's masterful hands in the community.”

Beth Sandor, Los Angeles 

“Managing everyday life can be stressful. But when you are a caregiver, as I am, the stress and daily pressures of caring for another person is tenfold.  I have been the fortunate recipient of several gift certificates for Craig Lozzi’s Transcendent Touch Healing Massage.  Craig’s deep tissue, hot stone massage eases my lower back pain, soothes sore muscles and renews my overall being.  I appreciate his friendly personality and his intense effort to create a relaxing, comfortable environment in which one can remove oneself for a short while from the pressures of daily life.” 

Sarah A. Sandor, Fallbrook

“Being an athlete, I don't want a massage to only feel good, but I need it to heal my body so that it can perform its best. Craig balances the perfect combination of all over relaxation with the full attention to areas that need mending. He has healing hands. Truly one of the best massages I've received!”

Brooke Abel, Fallbrook, 2008 Olympian

"One of the best massages of my life!  I've had massages from 5-star hotels that didn't even compare.  Craig, is clearly an expert and very professional.  My cousin is an Olympic athlete and recommended Craig to me. She has been getting massages (daily) for a decade and told me that Craig's was one of the of best she'd ever had.  He's knowledgeable and creates a therapeutic and relaxing experience.  I recommend him to all my friends and family." 

Melissa L., Professor at PNLU

“My name is Alyse and I am a hairstylist here in Fallbrook. For the past two and a half weeks I have been suffering with the most severe neck and shoulder pain I have ever experienced. I looked in the Fallbrook Directory for massage therapists and found Craig’s ad. I called him having never met him before, literally in tears and at my wit’s end. I explained my situation and asked him if there was any possible way he could please help me. He arranged for me to come in that very evening, after hours mind you, and gave me the most therapeutic and healing massage I have ever had. I woke up the next day and for the first time in weeks I was able to move my head in a full range of motion, finally I was crying tears of joy and not pain! I will never suffer like that again and I thank God that I found Craig. Words cannot express my gratitude to him, and I am giving his card and my personal testimonial to any and everyone I meet. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much Craig.”

Alyse Cone, Fallbrook

“Craig’s therapeutic massage touch has been a gift of healing to me. As one who has suffered with migraine headaches from a whiplash to the everyday issue of life’s stress, Craig’s healing touch through his massage work has given my physical body new found hope, strength and flexibility to overcome the long endured pain by his ability to work out all those physical issues.  The improvement for me has been life changing. Craig is a great listener and knows exactly what your body needs. Most importantly, what Craig brings to his clients, is the physical, mental and spiritual healing of the body through his expert experience in massage work.  He not only educates you but rejuvenates the entire body.  I have been blessed to receive these gifts of his massage work and highly recommend him to all who need a truly gifted massage healer of their body.”

Diane Robson, Valley Center

“Massage by Craig is where personalized touch and extensive training and body work add a blessing to your New Year.”

Gary Sinclair, Fallbrook

Double Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

“Craig, Another outstanding massage. It has been great knowing you for over 20 years. You have really helped me with my lower back issues and made it possible for me to keep cycling.”

Bob Crisell, Fallbrook

Craig Lozzi, HHP


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